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Young Company: The Team (Byker)

Young Company’s ‘The Team’ programme is currently based in Byker and is an opportunity for young residents of the estate (aged 14-21) to come along to a regular session on a Wednesday night.

Each week, over the course of 12 months, The Team will prepare and eat a meal together before taking part in a new or different creative experience. This is often followed by a chat and lots of laughter.

The group is facilitated by experienced artist practitioners and is regularly joined by creative guests who support the young team members to explore their interests and passions and, through doing so, develop new skills.

Whether these skills are creative or practical – the intention is that the knowledge and confidence developed by the young people will be transferrable and useful in their wider lives.

At the end of the 12- month programme, the group will envisage, design and jointly set up two community events for people in Byker. They will decide who this is for, what the events are and what jobs they would like to do when creating and producing it.

How Do I Join

It’s now possible to apply to be part of The Team and sessions are happening every Wednesday from 5-8pm at the Youth Café at Raby Cross, Byker.

If you are a young person (aged 16-21) living in the Byker area you can express your interest and find out more information by doing one of the following things:

By Text

Text your name, and ‘The Team’ to 07512826622

By Email

Email your name and contact number

Send email

The Team has been made possible due to generous support from the Newcastle City Council ‘Newcastle Youth Fund’ working in partnership with The National Lottery Community Fund. The Youth Fund supports activities that engage and inspire young people, support their emotional health and physical wellbeing and build community resilience. Supported activities aim to promote social and emotional well-being and inclusivity.