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Stage 1 auditorium, viewed from upstage, with a bright stand light in the centre.


A podcast for theatre lovers

Discover the incredible breadth of creativity that exists in our cultural sector with the Northern Stage Theatre Podcast.

Each week, you can listen to the inspiring stories behind artists, theatre makers and theatre communities from the North East and beyond with conversations about their creative practice and how they continue providing inspiration through creativity during the UK lockdown.

The first episode was recorded on Friday 19th March, one hour before the building was closed due to the Covid-19 emergency. We have been making new episodes ever since.

The podcast is a celebration of our creative community and continues our work showcasing and supporting our network of creative relationships between artists, practitioners and communities both within and beyond the North East

Every Friday, you can listen to a conversation between Northern Stage’s Associate Directors and theatre makers, companies and artists discovering more about their creative practice and how they navigate this industry. Listen out for new episodes on iTunesAnchor & Spotify.

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