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Culture Club

Welcome to Culture Club! The place for 14 to 19 year olds to meet friends, watch theatre, and make content.

What is Culture Club?

Culture Club is the place for 14 to 19 year olds to meet friends, watch theatre, and make content.

Each month, you’ll attend the press night of a show at Northern Stage, discuss it with each other, and then work together to respond to it on TikTok, YouTube, or in other creative ways. You might decide to review it, or you might want to make something else creative in response – that’ll be up to you.

You will work with social media influencers to build your own content. So, whether you’re keen to be in front of the camera, or you prefer to take a role behind the scenes, Culture Club is the place to make content about culture and share it with the world.


When is it?

Tuesday evenings (5.30-7pm) during term time at Northern Stage, from 7 Nov.


You’ll also attend the following performances:

Disciples – Tues 7 Nov, 7.30pm (after the session)

Cinderella: A Fairytale  – Thurs 7 Dec, 6pm

A Song for Ella Grey – Wed 7 Feb, time tbc


Social Sessions

These are social gatherings of all the young people who attend Northern Stage groups. As well as meeting other young people, these sessions will give you an exclusive chance to meet the leadership team working at Northern Stage, who will lead you through fun games and activities. They will happen on:

Mon 8 Jan, 5.30-7pm

Mon 26 Feb, 5.30-7pm

Saturday 30 March, 11am-1pm

What you’ll do

· Attend at least 3 performances at Northern Stage

· Discuss what you think of the performances you’ve watched

· Work with professional a TikToker, YouTuber, and Zine-Maker to develop skills

· Plan, make and publish your own content in response to the performances you’ve seen

· Develop a Culture Club TikTok, YouTube channel and zine

· Take part in 3 social sessions with young people from other Northern Stage groups.

How to Join

Culture Club is currently for 14 to 19 year olds.

To express your interest in joining Culture Club, click here.

Once you have expressed your interest, one of our team will get in touch with you to secure your place.

Does it cost?

We want to make sure that cost is not a barrier for taking part in our programmes.

We offer a free trial session for everyone. After that, if and how much you pay is dependent on your circumstances.

Below is a payment guide:

Full fee (inclusive of show tickets)


I have the means to pay for the full value of the course.

£8 per week

Discounted Fee (inclusive of show tickets)


I do not have enough income to spare to afford to pay the full fee.

£5 per week

Each term you can choose to pay in either 1 or 3 instalments.

Free places


We try to offer free places to anyone experiencing a financial hardship that means they cannot afford the full or discounted fees. We recognise that reasons for financial hardship are different for everyone. If you’d like to apply for a bursary, please fill in this form.

If you would like assistance with filling in the form for any reason at all, please feel welcome to email or phone us 07762140713 and we’d be very happy to support you.

Please note – if you are applying for a bursary you must fill in an Expression of Interest and a Bursary form.

Travel Bursaries

We may be able to support with travel costs. Please let us know on your Expression of Interest form if you would like to request support.