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Spooktakular activities for the little ones this half term!

We’re getting ready for spooky season and looking forward to The Bat With No Bite opening at Northern Stage this half term!

It’s a fang-tastic Halloween treat for little vampires who are losing their milk teeth, aged 7 and under and we’ve put together some bat-tacular activities to help keep your little monsters busy.

Two blue paper plates, felt tips, sellotape, scissors, glue, a marker pen and a lolly stick.

Paper plate bats

You will need:
2 paper plates (we used coloured plates but you could decorate plain ones)
Coloured pencils/felt tip pens
Black marker pen
Small piece of white paper
Lolly stick and sticky tape

How to make:
1. Draw a zig-zag down the centre of one plate and cut down the line to make two wings
2. Glue the wings to the back of the other plate
3. Draw two small circles for the bat’s eyes on the white paper and cut them out. Use the marker pen to draw pupils in the centre of each circle and stick onto the front of the plate
4. Use the marker pen to draw a mouth on the plate
5. Cut two small triangles and two larger triangles out of the paper. These are the teeth and ears! Stick the smaller triangles in the corner of the bat’s mouth. Colour in the larger triangles and stick on the plate
6. Secure the lolly stick behind the plate and bring your bat friend to enjoy the show!

Cupcakes with bats on top made out of oreos

Sink your teeth into these bat cupcakes

You will need:
Cupcakes with buttercream icing (we’ve gone for the easy option and used shop bought, but you can make your own using your favourite recipe)
Oreo biscuits (one per cupcake)
Edible goggly eyes (or make your own with white and black fondant icing)
A sharp knife

How to make:
1. Twist an Oreo in half. Be careful not to break them!
2. Using the sharp knife, cut the biscuit without the cream filling into half to make the wings
3. Carefully press the wings down into the cream filling
4. Use a tiny bit of the cream filling to attach the goggly eyes onto the clean side of the biscuit
5. Carefully put your bat into the cupcake icing and enjoy!