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Macbeth: Child Casting Call Out

About the Show

ETT and Northern Stage are on the lookout for two children to take part in their upcoming production of Macbeth at Northern Stage.


Rehearsals – 26th/27th September

1st Performance – 27th September @7.30pm

Performances – 27th September – 7th October

*You can find a full performance schedule here. 

What is the audition process like?

In the first instance, please send a short film of your child reading this extract to ETT’s Assistant Producer Maya Wilson – We will then contact those that we would like to invite to an in-person audition. You might find it helpful to read this contemporary translation of the scene first – it should give you a clearer idea of what the scene is about. Please send your audition tapes to Maya by 3rd August. Audition tapes should be shot in landscape against a plain background and can be filmed on your phone. Please begin the recording by stating your full name, age, and location.

No need to edit it or add any special effects. Simply attach the clip to an email with the subject line ‘MACBETH CHILDREN – NORTHERN STAGE’ and send it over – we just need to be able to see and hear the child clearly.Audition tapes will be deleted once the selection process has been completed.

Please be aware that the scene refers to a father being murdered. Don’t worry though, we find out later in the play that he’s not really dead! There is also a mention of traitors being executed by hanging. You may want to read the scene to check you’re comfortable with your child seeing it.

When and where will the in-person auditions take place?

Auditions will take place on 15th August 10am and 1pm at Northern Stage.

How old do I have to be to audition?

We are looking to cast two children doubling as one role:
1. Playing age between 6 and 10 (could be a young looking 12/13 year old)

If I am cast in this show, what will the time commitment be like?

The two children will alternate performances, performing in both matinees and evening shows. For matinees, we will likely ask actors (including kids) to arrive at the venue at about 12pm. For the 6 show week, both children will perform in 3 shows. For the 8 show week, both children will perform in 4 shows.

Is this a paid role?

Yes. Your child will be paid £75/day.

What happens after the audition?

If you are offered a role, your adult with parental responsibility will need to fill in a consent form and read the play so they know what is involved.

We will apply for a license for you to perform through your local council and we will be in touch with your school to gain permission for your young person to leave school for performances.

Denise, our Children’s Administrator, will be in touch with you to gather the necessary information for the license application.

As a parent, what will I be expected to do?

Firstly, to support your child. They will be learning dialogue so it would be great for you to listen and watch them at home.

Secondly, you need to be able to drop off and collect your child at the theatre on their allocated dates.

A licensed chaperone will meet you who will then be responsible for your child whilst they are at the theatre.

What if I have more questions?

For more information, please email ETT’s Assistant Producer Maya at ETT is a committed equal opportunities employer with responsible child safeguarding practices in place.

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