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The old Northern Stage exterior when it was Newcastle Playhouse.

Leave a Legacy

Remembering Northern Stage in your will is a wonderful way to share your passion for the North East and to help ensure that Northern Stage will continue to make innovative and exciting work for many years to come.

Over the years the theatre has had many faces from the University Theatre that opened in 1970 then become Newcastle Playhouse and Gulbenkian Studio in the late 80’s through to the Northern Stage that we know and love today.

Over the years our audience members have come together at our special venue and we have been so fortunate to have the generous support of members and supporters, seat dedications and donors. Some of these people have been so touched by this exceptional place that they have made a commitment to support us even after their death.

At Northern Stage, we believe in the transformative power of the arts to inspire, challenge, and enrich lives. As a cherished member of our community, your passion for the arts has played a vital role in shaping the cultural landscape of Newcastle and beyond. We invite you to consider leaving a lasting legacy by including Northern Stage in your will—a powerful testament to your commitment to the arts and the enduring impact you can make on future generations.


Why leave a legacy at Northern Stage?


Cultural Enrichment

Northern Stage has been a hub of cultural enrichment for over half a century. By leaving a legacy, you ensure that the arts continue to flourish, providing a source of inspiration, creativity, and joy for generations to come.

Community Impact

Our theatre is more than a venue; it’s a hub for the community and informed and transformed by our North East region. Your legacy will support our commitment to community, educational initiatives, and community engagement, fostering inclusivity and accessibility to the arts for everyone.

Nurturing Talent

Northern Stage has a proud history of supporting emerging talent. Your legacy can fund, mentorship programs, workshops and empowering the next generation of actors, writers, and directors to bring fresh perspectives to the stage.

Preserving Heritage

The arts are a reflection of our collective heritage. By leaving a legacy, you contribute to the preservation of the North East cultural identity, ensuring that the stories, voices, and experiences of our community are celebrated and remembered.

Sustainability and Growth

Your legacy will provide essential support for the ongoing sustainability and growth of Northern Stage. From maintaining our venue to investing in cutting-edge productions, your contribution will enable us to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing cultural landscape.

How to Leave a Legacy:

1. Include Northern Stage in Your Will: Consult with your legal advisor to include a bequest to Northern Stage in your will. Your bequest can be a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or a residual bequest after other commitments have been met.

2. Specify Your Wishes: If you have a particular area of interest, such as supporting education programs, productions, or facility improvements, you need to specify your wishes in your will. We encourage you to have this conversation with us before you do. Leaving a legacy gift which has a broad a scope as possible means that if circumstances change then we can still put your investment to great use. The cultural world is fast paced and we need to be adaptive in order to keep up, unrestricted gifts help us do this.

3. Inform Us of Your Decision: We value your generosity and would love the opportunity to express our gratitude. If you choose to leave a legacy, please inform us so we can recognize your contribution appropriately.

Thank you for considering Northern Stage in your legacy plans. Together, we can ensure that the arts remain a vibrant and essential part of our community.

For any questions about legacies please contact Zoe Hull on

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