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Our Values


We believe in better. We work imaginatively within our diverse communities and serve as a collaborative, open and supportive space for new ideas to grow in. We are rigorous, determined and original in our practice. We seek to empower remarkable individuals and partnerships.


We ensure that diversity is enabled and deliver inclusive practice with creativity and commitment in all the work that we undertake. We are proactive in developing relationships and creating pathways for marginalised and excluded individuals and groups.


We work with generosity, ambition and imagination to share our resources, skills and networks with individuals and groups across our region. We offer leadership for the development of talent, and work in partnerships with colleagues in the sector to ensure access to opportunity.


We believe in the social, emotional and political power of theatre: to challenge the status quo, to imagine alternatives and create new narratives. We retain a spirit of rebellion through all our work, and champion boldness, transgression and the unpredictable mess of creativity.


We are citizens of a complex and interconnected world. We forge connections, create exchange and build partnership with artists, communities and audiences across the world as a vital ambassador for the North East.


We are strategic in developing our human, financial and physical resources to ensure the long-term resilience of our organisation. We strive to grow and broaden our audiences and participants, to improve our financial sustainability and minimise our environmental impact.