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Our People

Chief Executives

Artistic Director

Natalie Ibu

Executive Director

Kate Denby

Executive Assistant

Emma Bell

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Administration, HR and Finance

Finance Director

Helen Graham

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Finance Manager

Chris Hasker

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Finance Officer

Jill Sharp

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Finance Officer

Elizabeth Goodall

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HR Advisor

Cecily Robson

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Artistic Planning


Pippa Fox

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Darren Etherington

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Communications, Sales & Development

Director of Communications and Sales

Amy Fawdington

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Intermin Director of Communications & Sales

Jennifer Tegg

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Sales and Box Office Manager

Chris Mecrow

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Press Enquiries

Helen Fussell

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Digital Communications Officer

Natalie Fisher

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Communications Officer

James Smith

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Communications Officer

Gemma Close

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Communications Officer

Chris Donkin

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Development Associate

Gillian Firth

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Development Coordinator

Katie Martin

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Director of Participation

Jill Adamson

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Projects Producer

Ged Robinson

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Young People and Communities Producer

Bethan Kitchen

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Technical and Production

Head of Technical and Production

Chris Durant

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Company Manager

Colin Holman

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Chief Technician

Tony Easter

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Chief Technician

Dan Smith

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Senior Technician

Izzy Waugh

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Senior Technician

Phillippa Howarth

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Commercial and Operations

Head of Commercial and Operations

Peter Robson

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Front of House Manager

Stephanie Smith

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Deputy Food and Beverage Manager

Peter Anderson

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Facilities Supervisor

Michael Bell

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Board of Directors


Simon Elliott


Natalia Blagburn, Richard Boggie, Anne Bonner, Laura Collier, Shawab Iqbal, Andrew Killey, Vikas Kumar, Jemima Levick, Ash Mann, Danielle Oliver, Charles Penn, Prof. Julie Sanders, Tim Smith, Carys Rose Thomas