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Young Company: Let's Talk

Let’s Talk is an exciting new Young Company programme scheduled to launch in late 2022/early 2023.

The programme will be co-designed and led by a group of young people who will work together with an artist-practitioner on a series of vibrant and diverse events.

These events, which will likely include public discussions, debates, visiting speakers and workshops, will bring together young people from a range of diverse backgrounds as well as from across the varied Young Company programmes. The themes covered will be informed by the current issues that affect young people’s lives today.

The gatherings will be a chance for young people to collectively explore the things that matter most to them whilst eating and sharing food together. There will be an opportunity to learn from each other, interrogate the world they live in and make plans for its future.

How Do I Get Involved

Information on how to apply will be coming soon so please watch this space