Equality Statement

At Northern Stage, diversity and equality are embedded in the heart of our thinking and we are committed to promoting these values through all the activities undertaken by the company.

We demonstrate this by presenting an artistic programme that reflects a wide a range of styles and cultures in order to attract as broad an audience as possible; by providing inclusive participation projects for all sectors of our community; by developing and providing services that are designed for the needs of the communities that we serve and by ensuring that decision making about our workforce is based on skills, abilities, potential and experience.

Our commitment to access and inclusion is supported by the facilities within our building and staff who are trained to deliver the best possible experience for all visitors.

Along with other cultural venues across Newcastle/Gateshead, Northern Stage has been awarded the Equality Gold Standard. You can read more about this achievement here.

NGCV Equality Gold Standard


Northern Stage has an Equality Action Plan which is regularly monitored and updated to ensure the company meets its equality and diversity goals. You can download the 2015-2018 Equality Action Plan here.